End your week on a media note

In yet another Times revelation, Nieman Lab says the leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age. Meghan Hoyer from USA Today called it a “Fascinating to read the @nytimes digital report and see how many of their issues stem from metadata problems.”

In an editors' note, CNN admits they’ve fired a news editor for dozens of cases of plagiarism (about 50). Garrett Quinn from Reason wrote, “Daaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn. So now the next step is to get a $20,000 speaking fee from a journalism foundation, right?”

Elsewhere, National Journal is changing their comments policy and Tim Grieve explains why. Stephen Lacey with Greentech Media said, “Another major site gets rid of its comment section because of "abusive, racist, and sexist name-calling" behavior.”

There’s an actual trailer for "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which goes online May 22 for The Atlantic. Whet Moser at ChicagoMag.com said, “i expected ta-nehisi coates was working on something big about Chicago.” Lauren Williams with Mother Jones suggested, “Say bye to the internet, which will likely explode on 5/22 when this goes online.” Freelancer Connie Schultz called this: “Why I still subscribe & support The Atlantic.”

And over at NPR, Carl Kasell describes his 60 years in radio saying, 'I've Enjoyed Every Minute Of It'. Jeffrey L. Katz there explained, “As a kid Carl Kasell would hide behind a radio, pretend he was on the air & fooled people to listen.” But at hearing the news of Kasell’s retirement, Jimmy Holt with WIVK-FM Knoxville tweeted: “Wait...wait. WHAT?! No!!!” Mary Hartney Nahorniak from USA Today was more resolved about it and just wrote: “Godpseed, Carl Kasell.”

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