Let’s keep talking about the New York Times

In his Sunday column, David Carr writes: Editor’s Exit at The Times Puts Tensions on Display Andrew DeVigal tweeted this quote from the story: "But while there may have been a dream, there was never a real team." Alex Richards at the Chicago Tribune shared this one: "The news set off a gleeful frenzy in Manhattan media, which usually have to subsist on fake NYT controversies." Gabriel Arana with The American Prospect liked another: "How did our workplace suddenly become a particularly bloody episode of “Game of Thrones”?" Abby Huntsman with MSNBC added, “Women at the NYT's: ‘I really don’t see a path for me here,’ said one. ‘Are we O.K.?’” Justin Ellis from Neiman lab took this away: “I think a key takeaway here is that @carr2n paraphrased Wrath of Khan to save his job interview at the NYT.”

The New Yorker has gotten up to Why Jill Abramson Was Fired: Part III. Scott McGrew at NBC Bay Area pointed out: “Same reporter who raised question if Abramson firing was gender issue now says likely more an ‘issue of trust.’” Freelancer Hazel Sheffield had another thought, “Is Auletta's stellar coverage of the Abramson saga the first time @NewYorker has tackled breaking news? Suits them.”

At the Times, Ravi Somaiya writes that after her firing there, Jill Abramson Talks About Resilience. David Carr tweeted: “>@raviomaiya on Jill Abramson at Wake Forrest - ‘It was the honor of my life to the newsroom.’” Peggy Bunker from NBC Bay Area made an interesting observation: “I cannot be the only one made queasy by the #NewYorkTimes cannibalistic coverage of #JillAbramson.”

If that indeed makes you uncomfortable to read about Abramson’s speech from the paper that fired her, then Mashable urges you to Watch Live: Jill Abramson's Speech at Wake Forest Commencement. Most shared from her speech include: "When you are dumped…, show what you are made of,” and “Losing a Job You Love Hurts.”

And if you need any more inspiration, David Byrne at NPR put together a list of The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever. Anya Kamenetz there urged: Hhey @brainpicker thought you might appreciate our searchable, shareable database of commencement speeches.” Jonah Newman from The Chronicle of Higher Education said, “Best part of @NPR_Ed commencement speech database is the tags: YOLO, Embrace failure, Unplug, Make art, Play.”

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