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May 19, 2014

Speaking of graduation, it’s nice to know that the Newington Teen who asked Joe Biden To The Prom got a corsage from the Veep himself. We also hear it got her an invite to the White House.

Jason Samenow at the Washington Post writes Wow, Wyoming: Surreal supercell thunderstorm time lapse. Seriously, you want to see this one.

The New York Times, reporting on something other than its internal strife, writes that Workers at N.Y.U.’s Abu Dhabi Site Faced Harsh Conditions. Nick Fox there tweeted: “NYU expands to AbuDhabi, where dissent is crushed and and labor can resemble slavery. NYU reaps what it sows.” Ned Resnikoff with MSNBC added, “Glad to hear I'm still paying for the mortgage on some professor's summer home while this happens at NYU Abu Dhabi.”

In a new era of global cyber battles, the FBI issues this wanted poster for alleged Chinese army officers hacking US firms.

For a bit more explanation, the Wall Street Journal writes that the U.S. Justice Department To Charge Chinese Army Workers Hacked U.S. Firms. Elana Zak there points out this is an “unprecedented move.”

Elsewhere in the world, the Turkish PM’s adviser went on sick leave for a leg injury. Alexander Marquardt from ABC News explained, “The Erdogan aide who kicked the protester kicked so hard he had to take medical leave.”

And Mahmoud Habboush at Bloomberg News has some interesting news to share. Turns out, Wolf of Wall Street Writer Jordan Belfort Sees Pay Top $100 Million This Year. The loot will “allow him to repay the victims of his financial fraud.”

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