#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: A discussion on women in journalism

#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: A discussion on women in journalism

A week later, the media is still in turmoil over the New York Times' dismissal of its first female executive editor. Re/code's Kara Swisher just penned an open letter titled "Dear Jill: From one pushy media dame to another" while in Australia, Amanda Wilson felt prompted to dissect the perils of being a newspaper's leading lady. Heck, even the beloved anonymous account @NYTFridge blogged a Medium post over the uproar. But as respected veterans of that newsroom such as David Carr have pushed back against an outside narrative that her firing was gender-based, it's clear the ordeal has reopened an old wound. All debates aside, Abramson couldn't help but be a role model to many women who shared her field, and her unceremonious departure has left some female journos asking, "Is the newsroom a safe place for my career yet?"

Although it may or may not be warranted in this instance, the only reason outsiders remain skeptical of explanations offered by the Times is because, so much of the time, the newsroom is a hostile place for lady journalists. Poynter recently reported that the media is "failing women," particularly on the sports beat, even as The Atlantic notes that misogynist trolls are making journalism "miserable" for women. Not long after Abramson was first appointed to her unprecedented position, CNN asked two years ago, "Why do women still lag in journalism?" and the question still hangs in the air. Nowadays, the Guardian wonders, how all these news startups be "revolutions" if they're filled with white men?

To be clear, this week's #MuckedUp tweetchat is not taking a side in Abramsongate (yes, we saw at least one person call it that!), but we hope to follow the question it raised to a broader discussion. If you have any questions you'd especially like to tackle as a group, please be sure to email or tweet them to Kirsten, and join us on Twitter tomorrow at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST for a frank exploration of this topic.

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