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May 20, 2014

Seeing as tonight's #MuckedUp will probably bring up the subject of Abramsongate, we should tell you that Arthur Sulzberger has given his first interview about the turmoil at The New York Times and he says, quote, “I Would Have Done It Differently.” Oh? But as the Region News Service's Cathy Grossman helpfully explains, "When Sulzberger tells Vanity Fair, 'I would have done it differently,' it's re picking Abramson not Baquet in 2011." Oh. "Not clear what this Sulzberger interview accomplishes beyond putting embarrassing internal disputes on the record," freelance journalist John McQuaid resolved. As article's author herself Sarah Ellison pointed out, "The narrative that vilifies Abramson & deifies Baquet seems very neat—conveniently neat."

And from Buzzfeed's Steve Kandell comes the gripping and engrossing read, "The Worst Day Of My Life Is Now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction." He's writing about the new 9/11 museum, from the perspective of having lost his sister in the tragedy nearly 13 years ago. "I wish I could print copies of @SteveKandell’s heartbreaking piece on the 9/11 Memorial and hand them to everyone," GQ's Jonathan Wilde admitted. (Our only regret is that Kandell's piece must be read juxtaposed alongside satirical but awkwardly placed Buzzfeed quizzes like "Who Should You Kill?")

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