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May 21, 2014

Thanks to South Carolina’s Gaffney Ledger, we hear that a Lasagna Disaster Inspires Incredible Headline. Michael Newman from Bloomberg View said, “This front page is one of the best arguments I've seen for why we still need newspapers.”

Elsewhere, Romenesko writes that a Newspaper reporter discovers that he’s allergic to newspaper ink; ‘the irony is not lost on me,’ he says. Yvonne Wenger at the Baltimore Sun tweeted: “You're such a good sport, @michaeltdresser.”

In a bit of sad news, David Folkenflik at NPR says public radio will End 'Tell Me More,' Lay Off 28 People. Eric Deggans there called it a “Sad end to a great show.” Kerri Miller with Minnesota Public Radio added: “This is a shame. Michel has very good guests.”

For one more piece of very sad news, the New York Times writes Arthur Gelb, Critic and Editor Who Shaped the Times, Dies at 90. Sheelah Kolhatkar at Bloomberg Businessweek wrote: “Former Times managing editor Arthur Gelb, ‘a gangly 6-foot-2,’ was ‘relentless, fidgety and in your face,’ aka pushy?” Marc McAfee “recommend[s] his ‘City Room,’ great book.” Gary Craig at the Democrat and Chronicle added: “Another reminder that great Times obits have to be read to the end.”

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