We are who we are (to quote Ke$ha)

Adrian Carrasquillo at BuzzFeed put together What Girls' First Names Say About Them. Sapna Maheshwari there explained: “Searching for my name on this brought me back to a lifetime of looking for my name on racks of souvenir keychains.” Leigh Munsil at Politico had the same problem: “Just like on gas station keychains, my name is nowhere to be found :(“

Meanwhile, Nate Cohn from the New York Times reports that More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White. David Leonhardt there shared: “1.2 million Latinos changed their self-description from non-white to white in the last decade.” Peter Brennan from Bloomberg News called it “An important trend often misunderstood in mainstream media.” Ted Hesson at Fusion added: “More Hispanics are identifying as white in the census, reminiscent of Irish or Italian generations ago.”

And in the Huffington Post, you can read My First Year Living With ALS. Sam Stein there called it “A heart wrenching read -- One year living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).” Jonathan Martin at the New York Times wrote, “May is ALS awareness month. Read my friend @srfinger compelling essay about how he's confronting his diagnosis.”

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