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The Gothamist's Jen Chung has a harrowing tale called How I Got Kicked Out Of The 9/11 Museum. "Forget the Danny Meyer restaurant. @Sept11Memorial now kicking out reporters for asking questions," Andrew Hawkins with Crain's New York Business tells us.

The advertising apocalypse is upon us: Time Inc. just started selling ads on magazine covers. Or as Cosmopolitan's Laura Brounstein chose to put it, "the day the music died..."

And in a twist of irony almost too good to be true, a reporter finds he’s allergic to newspaper ink. "Could be worse, could be allergic to digital," WSJ's Neal Mann proverbially shrugged.

And seeing as women in the newsroom has been a trending topic for the past week, here's the annoying reminder that the Associated Press Managing Editors guidelines once gave women journalists tips on how to "make a man feel like a boss." Which also included this gem shared by Michael Arndt with Crain's Chicago Business: "And my fave from the 10 Commandments for Dealing with Women Employes: 'Never forget that a woman never forgets.'" But it also prompted freelancer Maura Johnston to wonder, "how many of these 'old' tenets re dealing with women ('anger can be atomic in power'!!) are still internalized today?"

Going back to TIME, they've posed a question worth pondering: What Country Do You Drink Like? Spoiler alert: plenty of journalists have been known to drink like Chadians in Hungary.

Also, this very important map shows us what the United States would look like if it were a dachshund. Very important.

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