Question of the Day

Yesterday's question of the day asked: When deciding how to handle graphic or violent photos, particularly on the front page, newspaper editors often subject images to a test called ... what? (Hint: the test involves whether you could safely eat your morning cereal while viewing the photo). That would be the breakfast test. And yes, this is the best picture we could find to go here. We're sorry!

Congratulations to Edward Tenner for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Mike Mikaelian and Michelle Maxwell of the Statesman Journal for knowing that, too. We'd also like to acknowledge other answers which were very close to what we were looking for: Tampa Bay TimesKen Walker answered "Wheaties test," syndicated columnist Margo Howard suggested "barf test," and KENS 5's Bailey McGowan guessed "gag test." All good answers, too! 

Today's question is: Once upon a time copy editors were originally called “rim editors.” What gave them that name? And what was a copy chief called instead?

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