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May 23, 2014

Yesterday, a Facebook product director became furious at Facebook’s effect on news, according to Matthew Yglesias at Vox. Walt Frick from the Harvard Business Review said, “Facebook's director of product blames Vox for writing silly stories. Yglesias blames FB for sending them traffic.” Alex Goldmark with WNYC wrote; “I 2nd this call for Facebook to weight its newsfeed algorithm toward actual news.” Jeffrey Young at Huffington Post tweeted: “Now this @mattyglesias post has been shared 2,300 times on Facebook so I don't know what to think!”

Technology was having a generally bad day because The Awl wrote: A Drone Tried to Kill Me at the Gizmodo House of the Future. Kashmir Hill at Forbes tweeted this quote from the piece: "Drones make bad party toys."

And for more trouble in Gizmodo’s futuristic paradise, Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon reports that Gizmodo’s editor ‘did not integrate well’ and is gone. Freelancer John McQuaid wrote, “Promise or threat? ‘Dissatisfaction — on Gizmodo or other sites — will not be permitted to fester.’” Clara Jeffery with Mother Jones pointed out, “Even Sultzberger's firing memos had more grace.”

To let things get just a bit uglier before the long weekend, New York Times’ Bits Blog writes that Amazon Escalates Its Battle Against Hachette. Charles Arthur at the Guardian tweeted this quote from the piece: “No company has ever exerted the control over the US book market — physical, digital, 2ndhand — that Amazon does.” Cristina Quinn at WGBH added, “A pretty damning look at Amazon's treatment of Hachette. Wonder if/when the @FTC is going to step in.”

And to prove it’s not all bad, the Toronto Star profiled Peter Mansbridge: CBC’s anchor in a storm. Wendy Gillis there wrote, “Even when Mansbridge orders eggs ‘it sounds momentous, like breakfast will be followed by a referendum or Gulf war.’”

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