Here's what's happening in Europe

May 26, 2014

This is what the new European Parliament looks like following recent elections. Wessel van Rensburg said it’s “more left & green than I would have guessed.” While Simon Ricketts added: “It's worth looking at the actual scale of the far right in the European parliament here.”

According to Financial Times’ Gideon Rachman, EU leaders cannot simply ignore the populist howl. Lionel Barber called it a “tough-love column.” Matt Steinglass from The Economist suggested we “Wave torches, hope to hold perimeter till morning.”

In the New York Times, Roger Cohen writes about The Banality of Anger. Brent Goff from Deutsche Welle TV said, “Explaining #France's far-right flirt that's now a serious tie-up.”

Meanwhile, Stacy Meichtry at the Wall Street Journal adds: France Shaken by National Front 'Earthquake'. John Crowley there tweeted: “Wave of national soul searching washes over France.”

BuzzFeed took analysis a bit further asking Do The European Elections Signal The End Of The EU As We Know It? Leo Mirani with Quartz didn’t think it was all that bad: “Jeez, chill out Buzzfeed.”

For more trouble across the pond, Jamal Osman writes in The Guardian: I am a British citizen - not a second-class citizen. Darshna Soni from Channel 4 News tweeted this quote from Osman’s piece: "I am a Muslim, an African and a Somali. I am ALSO a British citizen. Please treat me like one."

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