Notes from the media watering hole

At USA TodayMichael Wolff shows us the once and future Time Inc. "A persuasive argument for why Time Inc could (and probably will) outlive Time magazine. But it won't be pretty," concluded Hugo Lindgren at Page 1.

Then from Quartz's John McDuling we learn that Buzzfeed is shutting down its traffic partner network ahead of a video push. "It figured out by now what works well at its 'partners'?" wondered Raju Narisetti with NewsCorp

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver reminds us we should be skeptical of both French economist Thomas Piketty and his skeptics, writing that "[d]ata never has a virgin birth. It can be tempting to assume that the information contained in a spreadsheet or a database is pure or clean or beyond reproach. But this is almost never the case." At the Financial TimesHenry Foy summarized "In which @NateSilver538 says Piketty errors par for course, says @ChrisGiles_'s findings minor in P's entire thesis." 

Speaking of data, check out David Leonhardt's "Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say."

And speaking of college, Politico's Byron Tau noticed this "really really dubious reading of journalism ethics from the kids at UCSB student paper." Or as The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg dubbed it, "The end of journalism." Tau added, "Seriously, kids. Journalism ain't beanbags."

Then we were also reminded why we love punctuation

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