End your week on a media note

Sam Kirkland at Poynter wondered: One year after 28 Sun-Times photojournalists were laid off, where are they now? Joshua Benton pointed out: “Most interesting thing here is the 4 laid-off Sun-Times photogs who now work for Yahoo.”

In case you’d forgotten about this lately, NPR’s David Folkenflik finds out Abramson Not 'Fired Because Of Gender' Says Times' New Top Editor. Monika Bauerlein said, “Baquet does have point pushing back on ‘great editors are always difficult’ trope. They just used to get away with it.” Nick Baumann added, “Levelheaded man punches holes in walls. But his lady predecessor was pushy, so…”

New York Post’s front page today is out and to promote it, they tweeted “Puck yeah! Go Rangers! #WeWantTheCup #nyr.” Adam Richter admitted, “I am indifferent to hockey but I still love this front page on the @nypost.”

You can watch a video on Quantifying Journalism: Metrics, Data and Computation from the first Tow Research conference.

Across the pond, we hear you can join Sky’s Ian King Live every night from Monday. Poppy Trowbridge there tweeted: “New business show @SkyIanKingLive starts Monday - 6.30pm.”

And Capital New York announces Coming soon from Andrew Golis and Atlantic Media: 'This.' Dan Steinberg tweeted this bit from the story: "The goal of the vertical...is to provide a platform for newsworthy, highly recommended links to content."

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