Tragic tales

Later Sunday evening, news broke that Ann B. Davis, who’d portrayed Alice on The Brady Bunch, died at 88 due to complications following a fall in her bathroom that morning. Lisa Mirando remembered: “Just loved her on the Brady Bunch - RIP Alice.” Bob Wojnowski added, “Alas, Alice from the Brady Bunch is gone, finally joining her favorite butcher Sam in the big tri-level in the sky.”

Here’s where you can read the New York Times’ obituary for the Maid on The Brady Bunch. Mike Augustyniak said, “Sad to lose Ann B. Davis, the Maid on The Brady Bunch; born in my hometown of Schenectady, NY.” Lauren Young shared this Brady Bunch quote to remember Davis by: “I’ve been digging Sam so long, by the time he proposes I’ll be six feet under.” John Branch wisely pointed out, “We all wanted an Alice.”

For an update on one more fixture from our past, we hear from NBC News that Casey Kasem was Hospitalized After Dramatic Scene Unfolded at his Home. Geoff Herbert explained: “Casey Kasem hospitalized after his wife throws hamburger meat at radio icon's daughter.” Helen Branswell pointed out this is “temporal association, not cause & effect.” Steve Ericson was quite perceptive on this whole thing: “These people are crazy!”

In other tragedies, there was news over the weekend that Lewis Katz, co-owner of The Inquirer, died in a Massachusetts private plane crash. Six others perished in the same incident. John Brennan added, “Drew Katz, whose father Lewis was killed in a plane crash Sat nite, to replace Lewis on Philly Inquirer board.”

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