The Bowe Bergdahl debate is in full swing

The New York Times adds another unflattering chapter in the book of Bowe Bergdahl: just a day after CNN reported fellow soldiers call Bergdahl "a deserter, not a hero," the Times tells us that his vanishing before capture angered his unit. But as Stars and Stripes' Josh Smith reminds us, "Key to remember with many of these #Bergdahl allegations: It's "difficult to establish a direct cause and effect," later adding, "Regardless of his possible actions, pretty odd that GOP strategists are arranging interviews to attack #Bergdahl." Similarly, The New Republic's Brian Beutler wondered, "Which piece of information or innuendo do these GOP strategists believe justifies leaving Bergdahl behind?" Another observation Smith pointed out: "Among what US soldiers consider 'odd': Learning the languages of the country they're sent to."

Buzzfeed's Kate Nocera and Rosie Gray are also hot on the trail of that story, detailing exactly how "Republican strategists" have helped organize Bergdahl critics. Huffington Post's Jason Cherkis reacted, "You've spent five years being imprisoned by the Taliban. And welcome home means getting smeared by FOX and GOP?" MSNBC's Beth Fouhy advised, "Pro tip: When a flak uses the term 'obviously,' whatever he or she is talking about is usually not obvious."

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