Money matters

According to Robyn Doolittle and Greg McArthur at The Globe and Mail, the Ford brothers sought city work for printer with family firm dealings. Tabatha Southey there tweeted: “Ford brothers worked hard at City Hall—on behalf of Deco Labels & Doug says for sure he’ll be premiere. Cha-ching!”

The National Journal urges: Meet the Mississippi Man Who Just Cost Republican Donors Millions. Reid Epstein with the Wall Street Journal added, “Mississippi Senate runoff good for Mississippi, says guy responsible for runoff.”

Zach Seward at Quartz thinks Netflix’s video error message is a clever attack on cable companies. He also tweeted: “Netflix is making sure customers know whom to blame for slow, grainy video.” Adrian Weckler with the Sunday Business Post explained, “Netflix is starting to name names for slow internet connections.”

At the New York Times, Neil Irwin has a question: Growth Has Been Good for Decades. So Why Hasn’t Poverty Declined? David Leonhardt there explained, “Poverty used to fall when the economy grew. No longer.” Adam Serwer with MSNBC tweeted, “@StephenWHudson1 responding to this.” So be on the lookout for that.

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