Grief in the news

In Canada, tragedy strikes: the city of Moncton is on lockdown as a manhunt by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police continues for a gunman, a man suspected of killing three officers and injuring two others. A grainy image circulates of the possible shooter. In the meantime, the Global News reports on what's happened so far since the RCMP officers were shot in this town in southeastern New Brunswick. Brett Ruskin at that publication quoted, "'The darkest day in the history of RCMP in New Brunswick,' police say. LIVE STREAM." Colleague Heather Loney shared this: "'Stay inside, lock door.' Schools remain closed, roadblocks still up as manhunt still underway in #Moncton."

To the south, Americans mourn the death of Don Zimmer, who has died at age 83 after a lifetime in baseball. Washington Post's Margaret Ely plucked out this heartwarming detail: "'He allowed Derek Jeter to rub his head and his stomach for good luck before he came to the plate.' RIP Don Zimmer."

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