Question of the Day

Yesterday's question of the day asked: Which animated cartoon series with a focus on the environment was co-created by media mogul Ted Turner? That would be Captain Planet and the Planeteers!

Congratulations to Sebastian Stockman on being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to Edward Tenner, Dagmar EbaughHiram ReisnerCamilo Salas K.BerkleyRyan ConnorsBrian SiscoEugene Hunt,Terry CoffeyDL Haydon of Free Press HoustonPeter Rugh (who appears to know the Planeteer chant by heart), Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay TimesBrock Thatcher (who wondered "why is that show no longer around?"), Claudine LaforceHollywood Highlands, and freelance journalist Amy Zipkin.

And here's today's question: We can't resist asking a follow-up question to that last one. What are the names, powers and native origins of each Planeteer in the cartoon series?

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