News we wish never existed

There was a Shooting on Seattle Pacific’s campus yesterday, with 4 victims reported, according to hometown newspaper the Seattle Times. Bryan Logan, from The Hollywood Reporter tweeted, “Seattle PD says 1 shooter walked into a bldg @SeattlePacific Univ., shot 4 ppl, began reloading & staff disarmed him.” Steve Eagar from Fox 4 Dallas added, “The Associated Press is reporting one student has died from the shooting at Seattle Pacific University.”

The Washington Post gives us yet more detail into what they’re calling The Bergdahl boomerang: GOP lawmakers who long urged a rescue now sour on the idea. Jim Tankersley there wrote, “Wait. @Fahrenthold - the US gov gave the Taliban a *nuclear weapon* for Bergdahl? (Spoiler: I don't think it did.)”

And from ESPN, Former North Carolina basketball star Rashad McCants says he took sham classes. David Nelson at KWQC-TV explained, “Rashad McCants says he took bogus classes at UNC to keep him, other athletes eligible.” Daniel Paulling with The Paducah Sun wrote, “Rashad McCants on tutors writing papers for him while at UNC: ‘I thought it was a part of the college experience.’” Emily Stephenson with Reuters summed it all up: “Well this is not good.”

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