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Yesterday's question of the day asked: We can't resist asking a follow-up question to that last one. What are the names, powers and native origins of each Planeteer in the cartoon series? That would be Kwame from Zimbabwe, who had the power of Earth; Wheeler, from USA (Brooklyn), power of Fire; Linka, from the "Soviet Union" (which was later changed to "Eastern Europe" after the regime's collapsed), power of Wind; Gi, from the vaguely identified "Asia," with the power of Water; and finally Ma-Ti, from Brazil, with the power of "Heart."

This was a tough one, guys, and ended in a three-way tie only because there were so many parts to the question to answer! Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times was the first to answer all three parts for each character, but left out Ma-Ti (because, to be fair, Ma-Ti's power is not one of the four elements, really); Edward Tenner was the first to name all five but left out the powers; and DL Haydon of the Free Press Houston was the first to name all five characters, all five powers, and all five regions they called home. Congratulations, Craig, Edward and D.L.! Honorable mentions also go out to Jim DeLaPaul Boyd (who also remembered Ma-Ti's monkey companion Suchi), Ken Walker also of the Tampa Bay TimesEmilia Terzon (who admitted that she thought Ma-Ti had a useless power at the time, but "in retrospect it's cool to talk to animals"). Whew. Who would have thought

And for today's question, we'll keep it easier this time: This media mogul built his empire around a financial information computer that revolutionized the way securities data was stored and consumed. Who is he?

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