Monday morning media

From the New York Times, David Carr and Ravi Somaiya teamed up to write: Time Inc. to Set a Lonely Course After a Spinoff. Ryan Chittum with the Columbia Journalism Review tweeted: “‘For decades, the print division shipped all its earnings to the corporate parent’ re the stripped Time Inc.” He also added, “As it hands over $600M to its parent, Time Inc. will slash editorial costs by 25% in coming months, reports the NYT.”

The New York Times also has Live Coverage of the 2014 Tony Awards, in case you missed the show last night. Scott Heller wrote, “‘Hip hip hooray’: @GentlemansGuide fan Charles Isherwood on #TonyAwardswin. The whole night, from Charles & Eric.”

In USA Today, Michael Wolff wonders: Can these faces save CNN? He went on to tweeted: “Okay, let's launch movement to bring Jeremy Paxman to @CNN.”

Over at Quartz, Lily Kuo had yet another important question: Is this anti-drinking song featuring Snoop Dogg the next “Gangnam Style?” Todd Olmstead from the Wall Street Journal thinks: “Psy's new song ‘Hangover’ (w/ Snoop Dogg) might hit too close to home in South Korea.” Clare Kane wondered, “What happened to gin and juice?” While Jonah M. Kessel with the New York Times found the whole thing “so bizarre.”

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