Let the book signings begin!

Hillary had her first book signing today for "Hard Choices," so that's what's dominating much of our trending newsroom at the moment. In honor of that, TIME Magazine has released a Hillary Clinton Hard Choices: Memoir Title Generator (1,370 times). (Ours came out to be "Dauntless Moxie!") 

On the scene, Politico's Maggie Haberman also shared guidelines being handed out to people waiting at the signing (shared 46 times). WNYC's Jody Avirgan noticed "'NO posed photography.' Keep it verite."

Plus, here's the Hillary wall, which almost seems mosaical (15 shares). "If you stand back, it's Bob Marley smoking a j," joked John Hendrickson at Esquire.

Meanwhile at VoxMatthew Yglesias writes only a rich person could go as broke as Hillary Clinton (411 shares). WaPo's Philip Rucker observed, "How have politics changed since Clinton last ran? In 08, there were no data explainers of gaffes. Now, there's Vox."

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