Internationally speaking

There’s an update on the Iraq crisis from BBC: Militants attack Tikrit after taking Mosul. Clarissa Ward with CBS News said, “As ISIS seizes second city civilians cross Tigris River to flee the fighting.” Andrew Neather from the London Evening Standard added, “Advance of ISIS in #Iraq has reached really pretty worrying point: BBCNews Militants attack Tikrit after taking Mosul.”

Sam Dolnick profiled The Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-Year-Old Drug Mule for the New York Times. Emily Weinstein there said, “.@samdolnick pulled off this incredible story while also doing his day job. Do not miss.” Arun Venugopal at WNYC explained, “The Sinaloa cartel's 90-yr-old drug mule looks like Hector Salamanca but grows beautiful flowers.”

In Bloomberg, Esme Deprez writes Babies Pay for Detroit’s Fall With Mortality Above Mexico. Bob Ivry there said, “Detroit’s crisis is a foot on the neck of women and children.” Colleague Kara Wetzel almost couldn’t believe it; “Wow: Babies in Detroit have higher mortality rate than in Mexico, China and Thailand.”

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