Mid-week media updates

At The Nation, Kathleen Geier wonders: Does Feminism Have a Class Problem? Emily Douglas there explained, “Welcome to @thenation's new roundtable, The Curve, where feminists talk money, wages, work, finances.”

Vanity Fair has another question: Why Are Literary Critics Dismayed by Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and Its Success? Scott Bixby with the Daily Beast wrote, “Show of hands – Is ‘The Goldfinch’ genius or proof of the infantilization of literary culture?” Jessica Roy from Time Magazine stood strong: “Whatever haters i loved the goldfinch *rips off jacket to reveal LOWBROW N PROUD tshirt*”

Reid Epstein at the Wall Street Journal says of David Brat’s Writings: Hitler’s Rise ‘Could All Happen Again’. Bill Hammond from the New York Daily News was a bit confused: “Why would expressing fear of another Hitler ‘turn heads’?”

In what BuzzFeed called the craziest of Daily Mail’s headlines: Is the lake pictured on every iPad secretly CURSED by the ghosts of disabled babies who were thrown into its waters because they wouldn't survive? Jess Zimmerman at Grist called it, “The rare exception to Betteridge's Law.” Holden Frith with The Week Magazine added one more title to this bit of nonsense: “Questions to which the answer is no, master edition.”

Feedly reported today that they’re undergoing a Denial of service attack. Damon Lavrinc from Jalopnik tweeted: “Ugh. @feedly under a DoS attack.” Lydia Defranchi at KCWY News 13 Wyoming wrote, “That explains a lot: Feedly down right now b/c of cyber attack, extortion attempt. Internet's still Wild Wild West.”

You can read about BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Going Long on Medium. Jay Yarow at Business Insider shared, “Jonah Peretti: The New York Times is too critical of its technology, not critical enough of its editorial content.”

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