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Jun 12, 2014

The New Republic drops a bomb alleging that Chris Hedges is not only just a Pulitzer winner and a "lefty" hero, but also a plagiarist (195 shares)."What's worse, Chris Hedges' lifting of copy or the defenses erected by his allies?" wondered Jack Shafer at Reuters. Freelance journalist John McQuaid, however, had a different question: "Can something that was never published rise to the level of plagiarism scandal?"

Moving over to politics, this 90-year-old ex-president is prepping for a parachute jump (349 shares). And yes, we mean George H.W. Bush! "George Bush, who just turned 90, is jumping out of a plane/making the rest of us look bad today," mused Pressley Baird with The Wilmington StarNews.

Conversely, in news that will surprise exactly no one, Pew Research just published a piece on the increasing political polarization of the American public (1,305 shares). "Following their leaders' lousy example, 1/3 of partisans think other side is 'a threat to the nation's well-being,'" grumbled National Journal's Ron Fournier. At The Times, however, Tim Montgomerie noticed something else: "Interesting: There are more liberals in America now than conservatives."

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