Notable happenings abroad

In the Wall Street Journal, Gerald Seib reports on Islamist Militants Aiming to Redraw Map of the Middle East. Allison Lichter there wrote, “100-year-old borders, drawn up by Western powers, are being re-drawn by Islamic militants in the Middle East.”

But according to New York Times’ Tim Arango, Iraqis Head Home, Choosing Rebels Over Army. David Carr there explained, “As marble rolls off the table in Iraq, @tarangonyt reports on odd, and probably temporary, calm in rebel-held Mosul.” Brian Ries at Mashable added, “Some Iraqis are welcoming ISIL with open arms.”

In a Reuters exclusive, Parisa Hafezi reports that Alarmed by Iraq, Iran open to shared role with U.S. Lydia Polgreen at the New York Times wondered, “Could Iraq crisis forge unlikely alliance between US & Iran? Reuters reports Iran is open to the idea.”

There’s also news that Insurgents Broaden Attacks in Advance on Baghdad, according to Alan Cowell from the New York Times. Motoko Rich there wrote, “Oh boy. Iraqi Shiite Cleric Issues Call to Arms to all able-bodied Iraqis.” Michael Catalini at National Journal tweeted; “Senior Shiite cleric in Iraq says it's ‘the legal and national responsibility of whoever can hold a weapon’ to fight.”

At BuzzFeed, John Stanton writes that African Asylum Seekers Make Epic Trek Through Latin America To Reach The U.S. He added, “In El Paso immigration judges deny 87% of asylum cases. In San Diego, they APPROVE 62%.” Olivier Knox with Yahoo! News tweeted: “You're reading @dcbigjohn's series on the border, right?”

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