Things that are cool

The New York Times has video from Brazil’s First Goal. Simon Romero there pointed out they have video “from São Paulo, Rio, Porto Alegre, Salvador and,of course, a River Port near French Guiana.” Adam Taylor at the Washington Post wrote, “The NYT video of Brazilian security guards celebrating Brazil's first goal is so great.”

For another cool feature, head to the Wall Street Journal where they took The London Taxi Challenge, in which they ask Uber vs. Hailo vs. Addison Lee. Charles Forelle there quoted this bit from the story, "Uber's driver wasn’t familiar with The Shard, a towering glass structure..." Richard Partington at Bloomberg News called it a “Nice take on Taxi Wars.” Leo Mirani at Quartz added, "’Uber's driver wasn’t familiar with The Shard’ (Why should he be? It's only the most recognisable building in London).”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Priceline will Buy OpenTable for $2.6 Billion. Mark Hamrick with put it another way: “Priceline to swallow Open Table.”

And Ravi Somaiya at the New York Times writes that Jill Abramson will Teach at Harvard.

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