Monday media mash-up

With considerable consternation, we learn that Dean Baquet, Top New York Times editor, has just had a malignant tumor removed (775 shares). "Turmoil continues, only this time it's health scare for new Editor," observed Judith Timson at the Toronto Star.

Also at the Times, David Carr explains that Eric Cantor’s defeat exposed a Beltway Journalism blind spot, putting egg on the face of many a journalist (1,694 shares). "One of the better analyses I've seen on how media missed it," concluded SNL Financial's Dan Testa

Plus, Digital First Media's Steve Buttry recently revealed, "I'm headed to LSU. Can't wait to start teaching at the Manship School." (60 shares) At the Center for Investigative ReportingMark Katches mused, "All the bolts are officially off at DFM. But probably not the way company envisioned it." Jim Romenesko also had that scoop.

Meanwhile, a piece of media history is about to be demolished: the Watergate parking garage is getting torn down! (127 shares) "Great now where do we meet?" CNN'Jose Pagliery wondered. Seriously, guys. Where?!

Also, USA Today reports that the Supreme Court is gearing up to hear a case on Facebook threats (which has been shared 525 times).

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