Breaking Benghazi news

In a major development, The Washington Post unleashes the exclusive news that U.S. forces have captured a suspected ringleader of the 2012 Benghazi attacks during a secret raid in Libya. It's news that's only just broke, but has already racked up 3,941 shares as of this moment. "Whoah, actual Benghazi news," reacted MSNBC's Benji Sarlin. "This will be a conversation changer," predicted Kyle Hightower at the Associated Press. "Washington Post delayed story of Ahmed Abu Khattala’s capture 1 day 'because of security concerns' from White House," Poynter's Andrew Beaujon filled in some blanks.

At US News & World ReportPat Garofalo didn't miss a beat: "The capture of this #Benghazi suspect is just another Obama distraction from #Benghazi."

Now also seems like a good time to mention Heritage Foundation’s ugly Benghazi panel (which boasts a whopping 4,515 shares, by the way). "Ok, so the right's 2014 election tactic is to scream 'Benghazi!' & then berate all Muslims. Got it," concluded PandoDaily's David Sirota. Not everyone was convinced by the conclusions author Dana Milbank has drawn, however: Politico's Dylan Byers protested, "Wow. Now that we have video I feel like @Milbank totally misrepresented the panel."

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