Whazzup at the World Cup

Fernanda Santos at the New York Times has blessed us with a brief history of the cry 'Goooooool,’ the Siren Song of Soccer (510 shares). "'Fans scream goal; announcers swear that they sing it.' Such a great @fernandaNYT story from Rio," colleague Alan Blinder praised Santos. Sports reporter David Waldstein tried to share that as well, but as Santos reminded him, "You forgot to tweet the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink." Waldstein replied, "Ooooooooopooops."

Plus, an interactive piece from NYT's Jennifer Daniel also has a breakdown of these sports battle cries. The Verge's Andrew Webster explained, "this is why i subscribe to the new york times."

Relatedly, Spanish magazine Marca's stunning front cover has been making some waves (191 shares). "Great front page (though not for Spain fans)," noted Richard Deitsch at Sports Illustrated.

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