Our government, ourselves

The Toronto Star writes, Government of [CENSORED] censors cyberbullying docs. Katie Daubs there called this, “An important story about government of canada's ridiculous and infuriating culture of secrecy.” Catherine Solyom from the Montreal Gazette added, “The government of Canada has censored ‘Canada.’ Unbelievable.”

Bloomberg News reports on an Ex-NSA Chief Pitching Advice on Cyber Threats to the Banks. Dan Gillmor from the Guardian said, “Latest public official to cash in after leaving office is NSA's Alexander, offering advice for $1 million/month.”

Yesterday, we learned that the CIA hatched plan to make demon toy to counter bin Laden influence courtesy of Adam Goldman at the Washington Post. Marco Werman from WGBH tweeted: “This gives ‘Transformers’ a whole new meaning.” Freelancer Nina Burleigh called it “Creative.”

In The Daily Beast, Josh Rogin published an exclusive story titled: “Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,” Rape Victim Says. Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed said, “Rape victim in 1975 case where Hillary defended the perp says Clinton took her ‘through hell.’” Ben Dreyfuss from Mother Jones added, “The Daily Beast has quietly changed their HRC rape defender post. No longer ‘appointed’ case.”

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