Time of the Times

The New York Times writes that the 5 People Exonerated in the Central Park Jogger Case Will Settle for $40 Million.

Also at the Times, Jonathan Martin and Ashley Parker reports that Cochran is Asking Blacks to Rescue Him in the Republican Primary. Parker explained it as: “Inside Thad Cochran's quixotic quest to woo black voters.” Colleague Erik Eckholm called it, “Totally fascinating.”

There’s news from the Grey Lady that the U.S. Plans to Step Up Detention and Deportation of Migrants. Greg Sargent tweeted: “This @nytimes story is written in an extraordinarily tortured way to bolster GOP case about minors crossing border.”

Claire Cain Miller there says A College Major Matters Even More in a Recession. Miller added, “Graduating into a recession does not affect all college majors the same way. See where yours lines up.”

And according to Adam Davidson there, It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave. Penelope Wang at CNN pointed out, “1 in 5 young adults live with their parents; problem or cool trend? Depends what happens next.” Jonathan Raymond with The National suggested, “Everyone stop what you're doing, The Times has published a longform piece about Millennials.”

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