Perspectives from the press box

In breaking journalism updates, BBC News reports former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was found guilty of phone-hacking, as fellow ex-editor Rebekah Brooks simultaneously found herself cleared of all charges. While Sky News provided live updates on the trial, The Spectator also had that story, with author Isabel Hardman reminding us that "[David] Cameron apology can't be far off now." (100 shares)

Elsewhere in the UK, everyone was getting pretty excited about this twitpic of the Queen visiting the Iron Throne from GOT (69 shares). Buzzfeed UK's Alan White chanted, "DO IT DO IT." ... Spoiler: She didn't.

Back in America, we were disappointed to learn that story of the little girl with scars getting tossed from KFC was likely just a hoax (a revelation that's garnered an impressive 16,816 shares from that linked article alone). "At some point, showing an unsubstantiated Facebook post gone viral will not be considered a viable news source," Forbes' Karen Beninato tweeted, hopefully, but we're not going to hold our breaths. Matt Rosoff summarized, "New scam: Make up fake story to embarrass gigantic corporation, watch as it goes viral, collect donations. America!"

And because we haven't the faintest where else to put this, here is an X-ray of a 900-pound man. "Those poor Tibias & Fibias," lamented Kara Warner at MTV News.

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