Murmurs from the media

In a storyline that's fit for an episode of Scandal, from ABC News we learn that a top Green Beret officer was forced to resign over his affair with a Washington Post reporter (13,052 shares). If you think that sounds like a scintillating read -- "Headline doesn't do this story justice - read until the end," advised Christina Vazquez  with WPLG Local 10 News.

Meanwhile, The Guardian's Nick Davies reports that Scotland Yard wants to interview Rupert Murdoch now that the phone hacking trial is finished (6,783 shares). "Police say Mulcaire had 5,500 victims. Original inquiry said only eight!" Davies tweeted.

The NYT has the sad news that multifaceted actor Eli Wallach has died at age 98 (26,403 shares). "R.I.P. Eli Wallach, 98... He was in 'The Magnificent 7' and in Marilyn Monroe's last movie 'The Misfits'," shared Bob Nunnally at NBC4i Columbus.

Finally, Bloomberg's Brian Womack writes that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says she apologized for her lateness to that Cannes dinner (264 shares). At the NY Times, Farhad Manjoo lamented, "It is so stupid that Marissa Mayer had to publicly defend herself over this." Similarly, Marc Andreessen huffed, "I have also overslept for meetings, and I would like to register my utter outrage that nobody wrote stories about it!" 

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