What matters to the media

We'll start off with a Medium post that's a harrowing read: This is what it’s like to be a journalist in an Egyptian prison (400 shares). "Take it from someone who's been locked up in one: Egyptian prisons are hell," Medium senior editor Mark Lotto promised.

At The GuardianNick Davies explains that while the phone-hacking trial was officially about crime, it was really all about power (9,651 shares). "This story represents best of newspaper reporting, reporting about worst of newspaper reporting. Buy the @guardian," freelancer Guy Dammann commanded.

And a cover story from the Columbia Journalism Review reveals Jeff Bezos has The Washington Post thinking global domination (62 shares). HuffPo's Michael Calderone noted, "Interesting response in @CJR piece as to whether Bezos keeps WaPo execs."

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