Fallouts in social media

Well, what do you know: Facebook only got permission to do "research" on users after they had already started their emotion manipulation study (3,997 shares). Author Kashmir Hill at Forbes' prefaced her post on Twitter thusly: "Dear every journo who pointed to the word "research" in Facebook's Data Use Policy: It wasn't there in Jan 2012."

Here's something that may surprise you even less: Tinder is being sued by a former marketing executive for sexual harassment (1,327 shares). "Shockingly, Tinder's founder and CEO are a couple of misogynistic pricks," tweeted Washington Free Beacon's Lachlan Markay in what we must presume was a sarcastic tone.

And on Twitter, “Buy Now” Buttons have begun appearing in tweets -- is Twitter shopping here? (1,262 shares

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