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Ira Glass’s "This American Life" is leaving PRI, NYT'Cara Buckley reports (2,149 shares). Colleague David Joachim elaborated, "Ira Glass (@iraglass) on the uncertainty of leaving PRI: 'We could really, really be wrong,'" then added, "Ira Glass lowered his own salary from $278K to $146K and still thinks it's too much." Marketplace's David Gura also further explained reasons for the move: "Public Radio International was charging @ThisAmerLife a seven-figure sum to distribute the show." (Relatedly, please enjoy this gif montage of all Ira Glass's dance scenes in Yoko Ono's music video “Bad Dancer.”)

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail are erecting fences as the union prepares its strike vote today (22 retweets). "Taking the paywall a bit far," quipped Boyd Erman there.

Finally, the Guardian reports on -- the Guardian. Or specifically, the EU's right to be forgotten and all those Guardian articles that have been hidden by Google (369 shares). "Oh, look: a dishonest referee just scrubbed 6 news articles under new EU law. Glad I can still see them in the US," Jeff Roberts groused at GigaOM.

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