Happy birthday, WSJ!

Today, July 8, is the 125th anniversary of the Wall Street Journal's first edition (available for your viewing pleasure here, with 335 shares so far)! At Heard on the Street, David Reilly concluded, "WSJ sourcing style shld revert to the original, 'It is stated on excellent authority that ...'" Resources Editor Andrew Peaple didn't agree: "Not sure some of the sourcing would get through today."

Even better, here's a reimagining of how today's WSJ would have covered events in that very first issue (619 shares). "The Mark Twain A-Hed is by far the best part of this," economics writer Jordan Weissmann decided. Personally, we're kind of loving the headline "Goddesses in Bodices: The Latest in Taffeta."

As for the nostalgic and the curious, now you can browse highlights from WSJ's entire 125 History in an interactive archive (335 shares). The newsroom prompts, "Think we missed something? Let us know."

... Happy Birthday, WSJ!

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