Op-eds of the rich and the famous

In an exclusive op-ed for Haaretz, President Obama writes that the only path to true security in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is peace (3,806 shares). CNN's Elise Labott called it "President Obama's tough love for #Israel." Obama's post did not leave that impression, however, on freelance journalist Rania Khalek, who tweeted, "Obama writes op-ed in Haaretz reaffirming unwaveringly support for Israeli apartheid & aggression, calls it 'peace.'"

And then there's the fact that Taylor Swift just wrote an op-ed about the music industry for the Wall Street Journal (collecting a gobsmacking 22,090 shares)."Forget that Taylor Swift wrote an op-ed for @WSJ, I'm more jealous she has her WSJ-esque pic," confessed Siraj Datoo at Buzzfeed. We're right with you, Siraj.

All of this was just too much for business reporter Sapna Maheshwari, who tweeted, "this is on @cnbc right now and Taylor Swift wrote a column for the @wsj and Barbie has a LinkedIn." Ben Parr replied to her, worriedly, "You going to be ok?"

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