Brazil takes its loss to Germany badly

There was burning of flags (478 shares) and gnashing of teeth (44,713 shares), but in the end there was little to be done for Brazil except begin brainstorming clever headlines and memes. The New York Times had a good example of the former, care of Sam Borden's excellent writing finesse: "Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal, and Brazil’s Day Goes Dark" (19,882 shares). Colleague JB Silver-Greenberg shared from the piece, "Brazil, regarded as the sport's superpower, was 'throttled like an overmatched junior varsity squad.'" Freelance columnist Esther Cepada liked this part: “'The Germans were merciless…[they ripped] open the Brazilian defense as if it were a can of soup.'"

Moreover, Bloomberg explains why UBS says Brazil’s 7-1 trouncing is "bearish" for stocks (1,947 shares). "You already know Germany humiliated Brazil -- but do you know what that means for the markets?" Bret Okeson asked from the Tokyo bureau. "UBS says they do."

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