LeBromageddon heats up

At Bleacher ReportEthan Skolnick analyzes the clues and questions that are piling up as LeBron James leaves his meeting with The Heat without a decision (741 shares). "As LeBron decides, the search for clues, real, fake and perhaps on the Heat's part, missed," Skolnick tweeted, detailing "the Heat being in a waiting room they'd hoped to avoid."

All this debate has only further fired up speculation on LeBron's final destination, leaving some HTML-savvy fans to go fishing for signs even in the unpublished pages of his web site (187 shares). Could a secret change in his site's color scheme indicate a return to Cleveland? "If the hexadecimal code is the smoking gun for LeBron going back to Cleveland, we've absolutely reached peak 2014," predicted Greg Otto with FedScoop.com. "LeBron speculation/tea-leaf-reading is the best speculation/tea-leaf-reading," announced J duLac at the Washington Post. "I almost don't want all this to end," admitted Brian Costa at the Wall Street Journal.

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