Your media mash-up for today

In news from the PRC, Chinese journalists have been warned not to work with foreign media, The New York Times reports (718 shares). "Bad day for media freedom in Asia," Beijing photojournalist Adam Dean surmised.

Speaking of ethics, occasionally you'll hear of a scholarly journal retracting an article because of errors, but the Journal of Vibration and Control (JVC) just retracted 60 articles total, busting a "peer review ring" (235 social shares). "'You’ve heard of prostitution rings, gambling rings and extortion rings. Now there’s a 'peer review ring,'" Christian Science Monitor's Ben Arnoldy shared from the article.

Plus, in entertainment, here are the 2014 Emmy Nominations, and "Game of Thrones" and "True Detective" number among the honored (2,254 shares). "Finally an excuse for folks to yammer endlessly about Game of Thrones," concluded NYT's Paul Werdel (as if we needed one).

Then there was this incredibly tasteless headline in the Socialist Worker (54 retweets). "Horrible. This is not socialism," Guardian's Owen Jones felt compelled to tweet.

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