Updates from the Middle East

The AFP reports Gaza bloodshed has spiraled even as the US offers to broker truce (21 shares by journalists). That was accompanied by this unsettling image, which was shared 16 times and retweeted 519 times). The BBC reports the death toll in Gaza has reached 100. At In These Times MagazineSarah Jaffe shared from the piece, "'as militant rocket attacks on Israel continue' (disturbing emphasis from main BBC page)."

Also from the BBC we learn that Iraqi Kurds have seized oil fields (200 shares and counting). Al Jazeera America's Sarah Jones summarized, "Iraqi Kurds take over two oil fields, oil ministry says, amid growing dispute with central government in Baghdad." The New Yorker's Jon Anderson noted solemnly, "Just to throw another conflict into the mix."

(Image Credit: AFP)

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