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Rupert Murdoch tried to make a play for Time Warner with an offer of $80 billion, but they said no (2,616 shares). "Now everyone's for sale. Google interest would be fascinating, from a Game of Thrones point of view," quipped Re/Code's Kara Swisher.

And a Cosmopolitan profile reveals Jill Abramson is "not ashamed of getting fired" (2,660 shares). It may be the best thing you read all day. "Jill Abramson's first interview is in Cosmo - appropriate given how many cover lines are about getting f*cked," Chris Krewson wryly observed at

Plus, Al Yankovic is our hero. This will be the only parody version of Blurred Lines you'll ever need to hear: Word Crimes (which earned an incredible 176,013 shares). Not only is it catchy and hilarious, but it's actually educational (and grammatically accurate!). "The new writer's anthem. Thanks Weird Al," tweeted Maggie Menderski with the State Journal-Register.

Finally, The Independent's Felicity Morse helps reshuffle sexism with "The Downing Street Catwalk for men" (1,437 shares). 

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