The unthinkable strikes again

Jul 18, 2014

In the hours since the crash, The New York Times undertakes the grisly task of describing the trail of debris left behind by Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 (and earns an astounding 14,094 shares in the process). "I read 2 earlier versions of this, my gut still wrenched this a.m.," confessed Stacey Shick with Bloomberg View. "Sabrina Tavernise's reporting conveys such awareness of lives lost. Fallen Bodies, Jet Parts & a Child’s Pink Book," syndicated columnist Connie Schultz had praise for the author.

Meanwhile, The Economist quotes “This is not a disaster. It is Hell.” (1,043 shares and climbing) Scientific American's Robin Lloyd shares this horrific detail from the piece: "A dead boy of about ten years old lies with his face frozen in fear. He has one shoe left on, and patterned socks."

Vox set to work to reveal that MH17 actually claimed a bigger share of the Dutch population than 9/11 did in the US (634 shares). If that headline confused you, Vox EIC Ezra Klein's tweet made it clear: "Jesus. The #MH17 crash killed a larger share of the Dutch population than 9/11 did of the US population."

If you had a hard time wrapping your head around that, you won't have any easier time with this next piece of news: the Associated Press just found an Australian woman who has now lost a relative in both Malaysia air disasters (1,417 shares). "I just can’t," was all that AP reporter Erika Niedowski could tweet.

In the midst of all this, The New Yorker plots possibilities for Putin's next move in the wake of this crash (2,408 shares). "So, now Putin wants everyone to lay down their weapons and play nice, having stoked the conflict in the first place," Buzzfeed foreign news editor Paul Hamilos concludes, incredulously.

Given all this spin, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised Moscow-funded Russia Today just lost another reporter, who announced her resignation was driven by her network's deliberate attempts to blame the Ukrainian government for the plane's crash (2,789 shares). "I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I'm for the truth," RT's Sarah Firth tweeted, sharing this twitpic (629 shares). But The Independent's Archie Bland remained unmoved: "Pretty sick of RT staff finding their consciences at moment of maximum visibility. How did you not already get this?"

And lest this tragedy in Ukraine makes us forget turmoil in Gaza, Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reports that CNN just removed reporter Diana Magnay from Israel after she tweeted the word "scum," directed toward Israelis who were cheering on the bombing of Gaza and who also allegedly made threats against her (1,965 shares). Glenn Greenwald pointedly asked, "Does anyone ever get removed from reporting due to excess hostility toward *Palestinians?"

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