The day's heaviest headlines

At the New York TimesAnne Barnard has delivered another riveting update in the Gaza saga on how questions about tactics and targets are on the rise as civilian toll climbs in Israeli strikes (which earned 2,294 shares). Christian Science Monitor's Jerusalem Bureau Chief Christa Case Bryant shared from the piece "Bereft Gaza man: 'I will marry again 4x, and I will have 10 sons w/ each wife & they will all be in the resistance.'"

Meanwhile, a viral video reportedly shows an Israeli bystander attacking a BBC Arabic reporter (1,499 shares). "BBC Arabic reporter gets shoved & called 'son of a bitch' live on air. He was reporting from s.Israel at the time," Buzzfeed's Sheera Frenkel summarized. And elsewhere in Gaza, gunshots were fired at the Al Jazeera bureau only a day after the Israeli FM announced they would work to close down the network (1,392 shares).

Relatedly, a mea culpa: We would like to point out that a TIME image we included in yesterday's round-up on both current and previous Gaza conflicts was not a recent one; while we were aware of its origins and linked to the original 2009 photo, we apologize for any confusion its inclusion may have caused!

In Ukraine, analysis shows that the jet wreckage bears signs of impact by supersonic missile (2,869 shares). "The final sentence of this story, coming after 900 words of incredibly detailed reporting, is devastating," Circa's Abraham Hyatt warns. An accompanying interactive post from the Times delves into wreckage clues that reveal why Flight 17 went down (5,906 shares). Mark F. Bonner with the International Business Times responded after reading, "I had no idea ...."

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