Political stunts and scandals

Across the pond an Astrology-loving MP seeks health answers in the stars, the BBC tells us (with 553 shares so far). Telegraph's Tim Stanley tweeted (in what we can only assume was a sarcastic tone), "Finally, an MP speaks up for the role of astrology in healthcare."

While we're in the area, here's the British economic recovery in 13 handy charts (186 shares). "The UK’s economic recovery has been really weird. Great charts from @ChrisGiles_," praised Matthew Yglesias with Vox.

Back in America, Business Insider's Hunter Walker and Colin Campbell wonder, "Why Is A Mysterious Group Of Protesters Chasing A Longshot Candidate Around New York?" (284 sharesNew York Daily News columnist Bill Hammond offered an answer in Pig Latin: "Overnorgay Omocuay," later adding, "Because protesters who feel strongly about an issue ALWAYS run away from the media." Co-author Campbell added, "Strange that a bunch of young college kids feel so passionately about New York election law residency issues, eh?" while also sharing one of his favorite quotes from the piece: "F**k you! You are the worst member of society." 

And on that note, Capital New York's Blake Zeff reports on a situation Cuomo can't control anymore (108 shares). New York TimesAdam Nagourney reflected, "Rough waters ahead for Andrew Cuomo after NYT story on corruption? @blakezeff explores legal, political fallout."

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