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Jul 25, 2014

In today's edition of "things that are amusing or interesting to journalists," The Eater shows us what every trendy restaurant menu looks like (and earns a whopping 30,000 shares in the process). "I'm a fan of the 'moules frities that spent a semester in thailand,'" Stacey Shick confessed at Bloomberg View.

Buzzfeed's Anne Helen Petersen just went in-depth with The Down And Dirty History of TMZ (553 shares). Colleague Steve Kandell surmised, "This'd be @annehelen's pop-history magnum opus if she wasn't always writing pop-history magnum opuses: TMZ rising."

Also, the Sunday Sport wants to know “Who the hell puts a hyphen in bellend?” (126 shares). "The Sunday Sport style guide is SO much more fun than ours," lamented Bella Mackie at The Guardian.

And we end by sharing with you the best headline of the day: "Russia loses control of satellite full of geckos" (with a well deserved 2,097 shares). "Of course, the real story is that Russia has lost control of an orbiting lizard orgy," freelance journalist Andrew Mueller pointed out.

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