Headlines from the frontlines

Bloomberg reporter Stepan Kravchenko opens up about his recent capture in Ukraine and how it shows that amateurs succumb to hatred, and it's an enlightening read (1,429 shares). Wall Street Journal's Michael Casey seemed to think so, too: "Bloomberg reporter's account of captivity in Ukraine exposes banality of ethnic conflict..."

Relatedly, NYT's David Carr writes about bearing witness in real time from the frontlines (3,179 shares). Colleague Katherine Rosman breaks it down for us: "During Vietnam, TV brought war into our homes. Today, social media brings it into our every moment, @carr2n writes."

Meanwhile at the Malaysia Airlines crash site, parents still seek answers, WSJ reports (1,380 shares). Matt Murray there called the piece, "An infuriating, sorrowful story."

And in Libya, NYT's Kareem Fahim reports the post-revolt country is coming undone (799 shares). Fahim's reporting prompted Glenn Greenwald to ask, "Does any of this make anyone reconsider the narrative that the NATO intervention in Libya was a stirring success?"

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