Of print, press and papers

The New York Times just outright called for marijuana legalization (which earned a gobsmacking 137,530 shares). "The grey lady sparks up," Telegraph's Alex Spillius quipped. MSNBC's Alex Seitz-Wald noticed, "Reader responses to NYT: 3,436 for legalization, 175 against. 33 unsure." AP's Hélène Franchineau advised, "don't miss the stars on the flag turning into marijuana leafs." We liked that little touch, too.

Over at The GuardianNick Davies takes a long, hard look at Andy Coulson’s reign at the News of the World (1,082 shares).

Also, introducing NPR's brand new app.

Plus, please enjoy Frank Sinatra's classic 1976 reproof to Mike Royko of Chicago Daily News. There's more, too! "But read Royko's classic riposte," LA TimesMichael Hiltzik recommended.

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